Picture Page

Picture Page 4.0

digital photo presentation tool
4.0 (See all)

Picture Page provides an easy-to-use interface to preview and select digital camera pictures, write descriptions of them, and quickly create "clickable" web pages for publication. The pages may be set up to display either text descriptions of each image, small "thumbnail" renderings, or both. Pictures may be forced to display at smaller sizes, so that users with low screen resolutions can see the complete image without having to scroll. Picture Page also makes a good general image viewer, including a "slide show" mode for hands-free review, and a normal/full screen view toggle. Pages may include any background color or graphic, custom copyright or other identification notice, email link, and a custom link back to a starting page. If desided, an autorun.inf file will be created for CD ROM distribution. The autorun output may also include WaverlyStreet's free stand-alone CD ROM front-end, "CDB.EXE", which allows even machines with no browser installed to view your pictures

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